Third person Bios are weird if you do them yourself.
So...I'm Mike Jenkins - DJ Mike Jinx -  and I'm a music junkie.
I've been DJ'ing at clubs, corporate events and private parties for almost 20 years. Wow, time flies when you're having fun!

I started collecting music in the early 80's when my big sis gave me her copy of the 1977 self-titled Commodores album. I was instantly hooked.  My early musical influences were 70's Funk & Soul, early Hip Hop and Old Skool. Those were, and always will be, my roots. However, as I encountered new genres - like House Music, Downtempo and Neo-Soul - my tastes evolved into what they are today.

I was schooled in the arts of DJ'ing in the early 90's by one of my best friends from San Diego, DJ Quiksilva. After many nights of coaching - and a few nights of "borrowing" his equipment - I was able to get good enough to get some gigs, and I haven't looked back since. My early gigs were usually in night clubs around San Diego, now I mostly play corporate events and private parties in the Los Angeles area.

Unlike many DJ's today, I still prefer to "spin" vinyl records instead of digital MP3 files or CD's. Cumbersome as they are, nothing compares to the tactile sensation of holding a vinyl record in your hand, placing it on the decks, adjusting the pitch, cuing it up, and dropping in the next track. (If that didn't make sense, check out the Glossary for guidance) Plus, vinyl records are rarer and harder to find than digital music or massed produced CD's. I enjoy the hunt for hard-to-find, "out of print" records - and knowing that not many people out there have the same stuff I do. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter the medium a DJ uses to play...what matters is that they play good music.